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Tubular wind chimes draw their inspiration from the popular musical instrument called the tubular chimes, which are very popular in classical music. These types of wind chimes have an arranged series of lightweight metal tubes that are arranged in a circular pattern from the main hinge of the wind chime.

When hung out in the open, the wind brushes against the tubular wind chimes, creating a soothing musical symphony that’s pleasing to listen to. The best part of buying the tubular wind chimes is their simple and minimal design. They are ideal for indoors, in the gardens, patio, or even as a showpiece in your house.

They make amazing gift options and are durable and weatherproof options that are often made with stainless steel material, which prevents the risks of rusting. Most of the tubular chimes also feature a unique S-shaped hook around which the tubes are tied, giving it a unique shape and appearance.

Most of the tubes in the wind chime range between 4” to 10.50” and are arranged in a systematic pattern from the top to the bottom. Tubular chimes are also available in a variety of dimensions and weights that users can sort through and pick what they think are a better option for them.