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Wild gongs are the large and flat bell that has a very prevalent influence in the Buddhist and Tibetan culture. Gongs are a type of musical instrument, which is played by hitting a padded mallet on the gong, creating a peaceful sound from it.

Leveraging this concept, craftsmen have come up with the Gong chime. Instead of featuring bells and tubular metal cylinders, the gong chimes are integrated with a miniature version of the wild gong with some tubules coming down from the bottom. Most of them have feather attachments underneath the gong, which swings around with the air in the surroundings.

When the wind hits on the gong chimes, they create a subtle but very soothing harmony that is enough to calm down your mind and provide you with the utmost level of solace that you are looking for.

Getting your hands on Gong Chimes can be a little challenging, especially because they are not made in bulk. But, Wind Chime Kart brings the best quality Gong Chimes that are crafted by the locals and feature an authentic blend of culture and heritage in them. You should take a look at their collection to find the best quality gong chimes for your home.

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