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Decorative chimes, as their name suggests, are more of a statement piece in your home décor than for the harmony it creates. These kinds of wind chimes are typically put indoors since they make the most alluring addition to the aesthetics of the house.

The unique trait of the decorative chimes is their unique design. Most of them feature a combination of tubular or bell chimes with bright and vibrant colors on them. You will rarely find decorative chimes that are bland.

Most of them are painted with bright and vibrant colors like yellow, red, and orange. Also, they come with a blend of colors and instead of using metal elements, some of these decorative chimes are often made with clay since they are more of a statement piece than a wind chime creating melodious harmonies with the wind.

You can find them in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, so the available options of decorative chimes are quite diverse and versatile. You can pick and choose ones that blend with your aesthetic and the backdrop of the décor that you have going around in your home.

Most of the decorative chimes are available in larger and crowded designs since they are weighted and allow the users to decorate the space around their home with brighter colors.