How To Silence Wind Chimes At Night?

Wind chimes are indeed a beautifying element that can enhance the appearance of any outdoor area. They offer a very light sound which can be good for people who reside in close areas. Some so many people find the sound of wind chimes to be soothing to their ears. Sometimes, wind chimes can become nothing but a lot of annoyance.

The sound that they produce can be equally irritating when you’re asleep during the night. There can be times when you feel like stopping the wind chimes from disturbing your sleep. If you’re looking for ways to silence your wind chimes, here are some effective techniques:

How To Silence Wind Chimes At Night

  • Use DIY padding to wrap the tubes 

Another useful method to silence your wind chimes at night is by the use of appropriate padding. It is good that you wrap all tubes with bubble wraps, fabric, foam, or any other material to ensure that they don’t create sound whenever there’s a breeze outside.

  • Put wool or cotton balls in the tubes

The easiest solution for these problems is to block off the sound. You can just use a cotton ball and put it within the tube wherein the sound produced needs to be controlled. This is an easy yet cost-effective way of solving this issue. This will prevent any clanging, rattling, or banging of rods against each other when it is breezy outside. This method will work best for you if you have many rods on the wind chimes than those with just a single long string of several bells fixed at various places all through.

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  • Hang weighted drapes

You can also hang a few weighted drapes right in front of the window where you’ve placed your wind chime. This can be a great solution for you if you’re residing in an apartment and you dint want others to get disturbed by the noise produced by your wind chimes during the night.

You can also make use of a big bucket or washtub made of metal. The tub must be at least twice the width and diameter of your rods and tubs. Using an empty paint bottle by removing both its ends is also a great option. Ensure that the container that is chosen has a very smooth surface so that it doesn’t create any extra noise when it is fixed on top of rods or tubes.

  • Use rubber to wrap the clapper

The next effective way of silencing your wind chimes at night is by using rubber to cover the clapper entirely. You can use any kind of rubber, preferably thick rubber to wrap the entire surface of the clapper. This will not let your wind chime produce any sound, even when it is breezy outside.

These are some effective ways by which you can silence your wind chimes at night. You didn’t need to lose your sleep due to these sounds anymore as these methods can be very useful to silence wind chimes during the night.

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